6 Reasons Documentary Newborn Sessions Are Gaining Popularity

Lately, more and more of my clients have been skipping Posed Newborn Images and opting for In-Home Documentary Sessions.
I love both, and am pretty impartial, but I have been reflecting a bit on way these are becoming so popular.

  1. The Ease- Let’s be honest here.  Life can really feel like a tornado post baby.  Just leaving the house can be overwhelming.  Docu-Sessions take zero prep.  I tell my moms to wear whatever they are comfortable in and not to bother cleaning.

2. Low Stress- Do you know what happens when you don’t have to worry about packing a diaper bag, if the baby is going to cry in the car, or if your baby will sleep enough?  You relax and enjoy making memories.

3. Comfort- enough said.

4. Real Memories- When my first born was a baby, he would wake up as the sun was rising and the light would shine thought these yellow curtains I had, which made the entire room glow.  I would put him in bed with me and feed him, and we would both fall back to sleep for a nap, while snuggling and talking. I just admired the hell out of him.  I would give anything to go back in time and have a photographer document those mornings.  They lasted all of six months before he started demanding breakfasts instead of milk, and *poof* our routines changed.

5. Includes entire family- Chances are you aren’t bringing extended family, or your 100lb Doodle to my studio.

6. Show off the nursery- People often spend months planning and designing the perfect nursery.  Why not get photos in there!?


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