January 2017

Being new to Maine, and pretty acclimated to beach life, this winter has been hard.  Really. Hard.  The sun sets so early, what is a photographer to do without light?!  Next year, we plan on investing in snowshoes, or skis, or something to get us outside more.  Until then, I made it a point to try and find little somethings, each day to admire and photograph.  I am surprised to say that I have been really challenged by this so far, as my family spends A TON of time just within our kitchen and family room, our house is small, and rather poorly lit. So each day is a new challenge to find a new angle, a new something to document.  After all, even though motherhood sometimes seems mundane, I LOVE IT, and I never want to forget all these details.

Here is what we have so far:


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