Why I support Birth Roots, And Why You Should Too

December 18th 2009- My daughter is born via c-section.  I am now a mom of two.  TWO.  Big brother is a whopping 20 months old.

December 27th 2009- My husband leaves for his first deployment and I leave my Virginia home with a U-haul in tow, destination San Diego.


I was a new, 25-year-old mom, with little to no experience, and no family or friends within thousands of miles.   Like literally.  The next two years were filled with two more subsequent deployments, three different hospitalizations for my daughter, and a surgery for myself.

And, boy is hindsight 20/20. Fast forward seven years, I recently started networking with these amazing women at Birth Roots.  I have had the pleasure of sitting in on and photographing one of their BUDS classes. You guys, this is INVALUABLE.  All I could think over and over is “I needed this.”  But not just me.  EVERYONE.

Their motto is “Find Your Flock.”  Can you think of any stage in life were you are more isolated, but yet more in need of a comrade than say, the first three months of your baby’s life?  What if you were surrounded by nonjudgmental, supportive women, who were going thought the exact same thing?  What if you were led by warm welcoming, experienced moms who actually know how to help?

Postpartum Depression on average affected 10-20% of new moms.  Postpartum in the military community is even more prevalent. 1 in 4 women screened for PPD during their husband’s deployment are diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. One in four young women, having children, away from home, with very limited support, going thought the thick of it.  And here Portland, Maine, we have no base yet a large military community.  No base means benefits that we are used to, just aren’t there.

I once asked someone at Birth Roots if they promoted breastfeeding (I often host mini-sessions for nursing moms) and in unison the reply was “We support feeding the baby any way that works for you.”  We need so much more of that today.

So I support Birth Roots.  And you should too.  You should use them for their invaluable resources.  You should attend their Baby Booty Yard Sale Fundraiser, their Little Monster’s Ball, and their Little Gnomes Winter Festival.  Or just donate! 




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