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Give Up Your Expectations of Traditional Portraits | Ashley Langtry Photography

You know how it goes right?  You schedule your photo session, you pick the perfect outfits, and you are full of ideas on how your family should behave.  But when you arrived, your daughter skinned her knee, your son was shy, and you just want to scream, “we are trying to make memories here people!”

Portland Maine Photographer

What if you let go of all those expectations?

Portland Maine Photographer

I am here to tell you, that it is time to give up your idea of what traditional family portraits should be.

Portland Maine PhotographerWhat if your photos could be more than just portraits?  What if your photos looked like a dream, felt like a memory?
Portland Maine Photographer

There is so much more to your family than perfect smiles, and there can be more to your photos than just perfect exposure.
Portland Maine Photographer

In my favorite images of my own kids, from this past year, not one of them have the children looking right into the camera with the perfect smile (which don’t get me wrong, I love.)  But each image tells a story.  They have a feeling.  They take me back to that moment in my mind, and I am there with them again.
Portland Maine Photographer
Isn’t that what the gift of photography is about?  Reliving moments.  You could have an actual “save” button for your minds eye, if you just give up perfection and embrace documentary photography.

Portland Maine Photographer

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