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boy catches frogboy hold frog eggsboy holds frogboy hunts for frogMy son is obsessed with research.  Seriously.  He reads, documents, illustrates whatever subject they are talking about in school.  Last month it was Komodo Dragons, then came sharks, and now amphibians.

Lucky him, here in Maine spring brings out FROGS!  So we spent the entire weekend frog hunting.  “Mom can you bring your camera?!”  Don’t have to ask me twice, kid.


Being new to Portland (Well Maine in general) he has never seen spring.  Gone are the days of eternal summer from our last home, but all these new experiences are priceless.  He held frog eggs, saw the embryos inside, and got a new meaning for how delicate they are and why we have to respect their habitats.


To me, spending time like this is everything, and I am so happy to document it, both for myself and my clients.


Non-traditional photos shoots are (in my opinion) what families need.  This is what you should be doing.  Invite me along to your next hike, or the next time you bake a cake together, or when you teach your daughter to ride her bike without training wheels.  Twenty years from now, this is the stuff we will cherish.


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