Hey Mom, take better pictures with your phone.

Did you know the Apple iPhone has 12 megapixels now? 12!?  So maybe you can’t/won’t have Pro Photos done monthly, but it has never been easier to document all the moments that make life with kids special.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Chase the light.  (Good light trumps a pretty background.)19156193308_bb701a5ca3_o18721468224_34da89119c_o
  2. Change your perspective. (Get high, get low, see the world from a different angle.)16401751743_4fa5752527_o22773756241_473b6f1db4_o20029712426_2ca3e045df_o24563265290_27c20ca553_o
  3. Catch the moment, not the portrait.  (Every photo doesn’t have to have them looking.)18721354384_32a8806e34_o17017749235_5a9d6d0a48_o
  4. Let your eye find patterns. (It makes a more dynamic photo.)19337834672_6dd3607a92_o
  5. Just have fun.  (Because that is all that matters anyways, isn’t it?)19337740002_295040abf2_o
  6. Finally, and most importantly.  Get your shot and put it down.  Let’s all agree not to live our lives through a four inch screen. 24858699465_48f8790fac_o



If you do have a DSLR, and want to learn how to use that better, click here for a PDF download! 


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