“I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

I got a phone call this past mothers day from my drop-dead gorgeous friend. It was her first mothers day, and all she wanted was to “feel beautiful again.” My heart ached for her because I know adjusting to our post-baby-bodies just sucks sometimes, but seriously- why can’t she just see that she is SO beautiful.

That is what inspired me to do this project. I feel like happiness is what makes you glow, and I just want to try and capture that. I remember being little watching my mom get dressed. She told me “I am so fat” as she held her breath and buttoned jeans. Maybe she was. I don’t know. I never noticed. She was my mom, I thought she was gorgeous.

Comment after comment we unknowingly form these ideas of beauty. Until what? You hate yourself? You teach your child how your extra 20 pounds makes you less worthy?

We live in a world where “acceptance” is the hot topic issue, but we don’t give ourselves the grace to accept the way we are. I hope you all just take a few minutes to see the world through my eyes, and disregard what Cosmo keeps telling you.

See the light in people. And treat them as if that’s all you see.

When I see these pictures, all I see is belly laughs and happiness.  Aren’t they all gorgeous when they smile?



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