BP4U’s Retro Black and Whites

Earlier this month I took my Little’s exploring.  Finally we found King Kamehameha’s Summer Palace and it was GORGEOUS.  I took along my camera, but my little models were… not quite into being models.  I had this vision.  It just wasn’t happening.

I got home uploaded my pictures, and felt even more disappointed.  I just didn’t capture the magic of the place.  These ruins are incredible, but I guess I had an off day.

So here I am a month later, and I still couldn’t bring myself to edit the images I had from that day.  Every time I opened one and started working, I got frustrated by not having created what was in my minds eye.  So, I took to my photographer friends for inspiration.

Brooke’s BP4U website has all kinds of actions.  Which, I normally don’t use as my style tends to be very clean, but I wanted to get a little more creative with these.  So I downloaded her B&W Action Set and went to town.

Here is the thing- because I was frustrated, I applied these actions right to my SOOC images.  And you know what?  I sort of love them!

These pictures are edited with the “Retro” action, which I thought was pretty fitting for these images, but there are several different ones to choose from, and they are fully customizable.  If you are looking for some actions to add to your collection, or just something to get creative with like me, TRY THESE!

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