Baby S- Honolulu Newborn Photography

Finally, FINALLY, after doing her mama’s maternity, and then Fresh 48, I got sweet baby S in studio.  Check out all her perfect little details and HER EYES.  It is so rare I have a baby in my studio that is wide awake.  That shot of her looking straight into my camera has got to be one of my favorites of all time.  Congrats family, your love created such a perfect baby!


honolulu newborn baby girl in studio hands macro

Oh her sweet little hands are so tiny and delicate.

newborn baby girl in studio

Baby S’ chubby baby cheeks are insanely adorable.

Honolulu studio newborn baby girl details

All her little details for her mama to cherish.

honolulu studio newborn headband on purple blanket

Baby S’ timeless and classic look- she pulls it off so beautifully.

newborn baby girl headband honolulu stdio

Baby S looks so delicate in my studio.

Honolulu Newborn baby girl on purple blanket

Baby S looks classic and beautiful.

Honolulu newborn baby girl in studio wearing crown

Baby S is such a perfect little princess.

honolulu newborn baby girl studio

Baby S is wide awake and bright eyed.

newborn baby girl in studio macro feet

Baby feet make me squeal.

newborn baby girl in studio macro detail shot

Baby S with her pouty lips.

newborn baby girl blanket pose

Baby S snuggled in my studio looked like an angel.

newborn baby girl posed in studio

Baby S is so sweet in her lace crown.


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